Taking Work Home by Jules Jones

Lord and Master, Book 2

Loose Id


ISBN: 978-1-59632-742-9

Reviewed by Raine



Mark Paulsen has been working for Steven Frost for about a year now. They have been lovers and partners for just a little less than that. As Steven prepares for his companyís future with his niece, Nikki, and Mark they encounter hostility from Stevenís family. Together they sort through issues involving work, their life outside work, Stevenís illness and a few unruly family members.

Taking Work Home is a great work that deals with real life situations and the ability to work through them and conquer them while maintaining a strong bond with the one you love. Mark and Steven encounter some trying episodes which ultimately make them stronger as a unit and show Stevenís family that as well. Taking Work Home is a look into the year at the end of Lord and Master, Book1 where an Epilogue is written. If you crave real life event stories like I do, I think you enjoy Taking Home Work, I did.


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