Sex Scene: Take One by Lee Avalone

Amber Quill – Allure

Paranormal M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60272-353-5

Reviewed by Lisa



Major motion picture star and heartthrob Hank Blue is riding a career high and he hasn’t even left his twenties.  Hank has agreed to shoot a film in Scandinavia just to work with famed director Chuck King.

Actor Wayne Reed also has a part in the film at Hank’s request.  Wayne has a big secret that he’s planning on sharing with Hank.  Wayne is a vampire who renamed himself Drake when he was turned over a century ago.

Hank is at the top and plans to stay there but one little secret of his own could ruin everything and he has no intention of letting anyone know he’s gay.  Meanwhile, Wayne/Drake wants Hank just as badly as Hank quietly wants him.  Secrets have a way of getting out no matter what you do; only time will tell…

Smoking hot characters and steamy encounters blaze off the pages in Sex Scene: Take One.  A deep in the closet actor, a party girl actress and a tough vampire suddenly timid about taking what he wants headline the dynamics in Sex Scene: Take One. One little bump however is that it doesn’t always seem to flow from scene to scene, it reads a bit disjointed occasionally.  Sex Scene: Take One is sexy entertainment so beware, you may need a cool shower by the time you finish.


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