Taboo Desires by Amanda Young

A Midsummer Night’s Steam Story: Temperature’s Rising

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 1-59998-594-2

Reviewed by Sabella



Cole Winchester isn’t really sure why he’s hesitating over marrying his girlfriend.  Well, that’s not entirely true – Cole knows why, he just doesn’t want to admit it to himself and most especially to others.  But when he comes across Eric Radcliff his libido and fantasies get out of control.  Will Cole be brave enough to admit what he really wants and see where this attraction to Eric will take them?

Eric Radcliff has always had the hots for Cole and when Cole trips over him at the beach it seems his interest might be returned.  But Cole is sending so many mixed signals that Eric might just have to satisfy himself with his fantasies.  Will Cole ever let them explore passion together or will he keep denying himself?

Taboo Desires is a wonderful steamy romance.  Cole and Eric are absolutely explosive together and you won’t be able to help wanting them for your own.  Cole is endearing as he wrestles with himself and his hidden desires, while Eric is adorable and charming in his certainty of himself.  Taboo Desires is the perfect read for a time when you are looking for some light, but steamy, entertainment that is mostly about the anticipation and the satisfaction of getting what you desire without dealing with the aftermath.  I really enjoyed Taboo Desires and I will be looking forward to reading more books by Amanda Young.


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