Swinging by Barrie Abalard

Amber Quill Press

Amber Allure

Nostalgic M/M Mťnage

ISBN: 978-1-60272-355-9 (Electronic)

Reviewed by Ley



In the 1970ís when anything goes in Hollywood, being gay was still taboo.  When leading men actors and good friends Kirk Bauer and Troy Camden give in to the sexual attraction they feel for each other one night at a swingerís party, they open the door to what could lead to heartache, pain and career suicide.

Swinging has a terrific plot, but I felt the author didnít do enough with it.  I didnít get a really good feel for Troy and Kirkís relationship.  They did have chemistry but I didnít feel it was strong enough to sustain a relationship.  The author, Barrie Abalard, did a great job in getting me to visualize the free spirited, sex drugs and alcohol use of the times that the actors were living in and that helped to keep my interest in the story.  Ms. Abalard has a great writing style that held and peaked my interest to look for more of her work.  Readers in a nostalgic mood, although I was a mere child during these times, will enjoy the overall concept of Swingers.


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