Sweet Trouble by Susan Mallery

Bakery Sisters, Book 3


Sensual Contemporary

ISBN: 978-0-373-77305-3

Reviewed by Nannette



Jesse Keyes has always been the sister to get in to trouble. Itís not always her fault, but no one sees it that way. When Jesse finds out that sheís pregnant, her sister Nicole assumes the worst, her boyfriend does to. Matt shoves her out of his life cruelly and her sister hates her, so Jesse decides to make a fresh start somewhere else. Itís a struggle, but she manages. Five years later, Jesse and her four-year old son Gabriel, come back to Seattle because Gabe wants to meet his daddy. Matt wants nothing to do with Jesse, until he sees a way to make her pay for breaking his heart. He wasnít expecting to feel something other than hatred for her though.  All Jesse wants is to reconcile with her sister and start over with Matt. What she ends up with, is a lot of heartache.

I read the Bakery Sisters novels one after the other. By the time I got to Sweet Trouble I was dying to read Jesseís story! I have to admit, Jesse was not my favorite person at that point, but after reading Sweet Trouble I wanted to throw my arms around her. Susan Mallery had her work cut out for her. I was hard pressed to accept Jesseís point of view. She did it though. Sweet Trouble is a heartfelt and emotional story. Matt and Jesseís feelings are vividly depicted and  tangible. You can feel their inner turmoil. Their story is angst-filled, romantic, sensual, and intense. Claire is the innocent and shy sister. Nicole is the strong, capable one, and Jesse is the troublemaker. The tension and drama built more with every book until Sweet Troubleís dramatic conclusion. Sweet Trouble is wonderful, as is each book in the Bakery Sisterís series.  I highly recommend reading them in order. It makes them that much better!


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