Sweet Charity by Lauren Dane

Samhain Publishing

Erotic Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60504-273-2

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Years ago Charity Harris and Gabriel Bettencourt slept together.  After almost a lifetime of being friends, they suddenly found themselves unable to even communicate.  Not to mention that the blissful feelings Charity expected to feel after being with Gabriel amounted to nothing and because of this, their sexual interlude so long ago remains the single most embarrassing thing she has ever done.

Eight years later Charity has had enough.  She has spent the years since she and Gabriel made love doing her best to show him how much she is interested in him and the harder she tries, the more distant he becomes.  Deciding she is no longer going to take his indifference, Charity lures him back into her bed only to be told afterwards by Gabriel that their relationship can go no further.  It seems that Gabriel has feelings for Charity that scare him; dark, sensual feelings that vanilla sex wonít cure.

Sweet Charity but this was a hot one! With just enough punch to make me shiver, Lauren Dane has written an enticingly erotic and satisfying novel with Sweet Charity.  I found myself more than once wanting to crawl up Gabrielís legs just from hearing his voice in my mind while reading.  His dominance was first and foremost the sexiest thing about him.  The fact that he tried so hard to be the man he thought that Charity wanted endeared him to me completely.  I like how Charity threw his whole plan out of the window and was simply the woman he needed in his life.  She accepted him for whom and what he was and their love for each other was more than evident.

Sweet Charity is most definitely a keeper! I should know, I read it twice! 


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