Summer Bliss by JP Bowie



Gay Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-906590-76-5

Reviewed by Cassie



Phil Conway is walking his dog, minding his own business, when heís mowed over by a guy with a huge dog.  Fortunately, the guy turns out to be the cute and single Greg Hunter, whoís in town visiting his soon-to-be-divorced sister.  Phil and Greg hit it off right away, and quickly begin a relationship.  When itís time for Greg to go home, will their relationship keep going, or is it just a summer fling?

Summer Bliss is a quick, hot little tale of unexpected summer love.  The love scenes were hot, the setting was suitably summery, and the guys were both genuinely nice people who were easy to sympathize with.  I liked the secondary storyline of Gregís sisterís failing marriage.  The only problem with Summer Bliss, in my mind, was the main conflict.  Phil and Greg fell for each other in a matter of days.  When itís nearly time for Greg to leave, Gregís reaction to what Phil says struck me as excessive and rather unrealistic.  If youíre looking for a fast read with a cute, simple storyline, Summer Bliss fits the billójust be prepared to suspend disbelief a bit.


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