Sudden Fall by Kally Jo Surbeck

Yadderwal Balance, Book 1

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 1-59998-465-2

Reviewed by Jo



Halfwyen of The Flowers, Wyen, knows that as the crowned Princess of Yadderwal there is only one soul mate for her in the world and she must find him before her fatherís reign ends or her world will fall.   The problem is that so far all of the men she has been introduced to have not been that mate.  The only man she has met that she has those feelings for is someone who can only be found in the Dream World.  Yestin Haldir Gellert knows that Wyen is his one, but the rules donít allow him to find her in the real world.  He must wait until she finds him no matter how frustrated he gets. 

The same time that Wyen meets someone who reminds her of her dream man, her family and world is taken over by danger.  Wyen learns that not only is her soul mate real but where he is located.  She takes off to find him and save their world.  Wyen and Yestinís only hope is that the Gods will protect them and give them enough time and strength to defeat the danger, save their world and be together always.

Sudden Fall brings fantasy, magic and even myth together in a simply wonderful story.  Wyen spends her time dreaming because that is the only place she believes her One is located.  Yestin does not need to dream to know when Wyen is looking for him and he hopes that soon they can meet in the real world.  Wyen and Yestin had loved each other over the years while never meeting and I felt the bond when they finally did meet.  I was struck by the way Ms. Surbeck showed that even people of privilege can be stricken with jealousy and greed and that with love and belief, evil can be defeated while never causing the reader to leave her fantasy world.  I loved Sudden Fall and encourage lovers of true fantasy to investigate the world of Yadderwal Ė you will love it.  Iím now off to find the next book in this series.


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