Submissive Dreams by Ashley Ladd


Contemporary Erotic

ISBN: 978-1-906590-92-5

Reviewed by Indy



Stacey Cooke canít imagine her embarrassment getting any worse. Itís bad enough her ex is now the a well sought out porno lead but to see him live and in color pleasuring buxom beauties that put her to shame adds insult to injury. Why she cares after all these years doesnít matter; what does matter is she plans on being the next woman Brand beds on film. Now maybe she will finally get from him something he never provided while they were married, sparks. She just has to figure a way to get him in bed, on screen without him ever figuring out his latest co-star is his ex-wife in disguise.

If for nothing else but the cover alone, I wanted Submissive Dreams to be a must have novella. The concept of finding out your ex has become a porno star and makes his money by leaving women panting for more is ingenious to say the least. Ashley Laddís cast of characters from the quirky assistant to the supporting actor Tommy, made for interesting and humorous sexual play that at times bordered on the surreal. Brand and Stacey proved that sometimes you just need a second chance at a relationship to get it right. Iím sure readers will find, as I did, that the most fascinating part of love is its inability to fit a certain mold.


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