Strictly Business by Cat Grant

Lyrical Press

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-0-9818905-2-4

Reviewed by Lisa



Eric Courtland was raised by a loving mother and Edward J. Courtland, CEO of Courtland Industries, tyrant extraordinaire and supreme bastard.  Recently, Eric managed to gather evidence of illegal dealings which lands his father in prison and Eric in charge for the first time in his life.

Nick Thompson and Eric have been lovers since their college days but Eric has no time for love once business takes up every waking moment.  Business also reintroduces Eric to Branford Crane, CEO of Crane BioGen, a man who knows exactly what he wants and Eric is willing to be that man no matter the personal cost.

Unfortunately everything starts spinning out of control.  The more Eric tries to hold the company together and find some contentment in his love life the faster it all falls apart.  Eric needs to figure out what or who gives him happiness before itís too late.

Strictly Business is a deep and personal exploration of self discovery for one tortured soul.  This tale tries to prove that money doesnít always equate with happiness.  There are some raw scenes of BDSM as Eric explores his sexuality and it doesnít always show this Dom in a positive light.  Strictly Business wonít be for everyone but, I found Ericís journey, his sometime trial and error approach fascinating as he figures out what really matters in life.  Eric became a person to me as opposed to a character making Strictly Business something special even with some rough edges.


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