Strange Sabbats by Eden Rivers

Loose Id


ISBN: 978-1-59632-695-8

Reviewed by Lisa



Aileen still mourns her dead husband Tim, filled with guilt for the way things stood between them when he died.  Over time he was less and less tolerant of Aileen being a natural born magical witch.

Once a childhood friend, Jon arrives at Aileen’s door to rekindle their friendship and hopes to take his feelings to the next level and beyond with Aileen.  It’s time for Aileen to live again as the witch she was born to be and Jon won’t take ‘no’ for an answer because he wants the witch and the woman any way he can get her.

After sending Jon to his sister, Bryan knows that his crush on Jon is now firmly in the past.  Dallas has had his eyes on Bryan for quite awhile and knows that now is the time to insist Bryan gives them a chance together.  Nothing will stop Dallas from making Bryan see a possible future together, even when Bryan springs a secret of monumental size.

Sylvie is glad that her nephew Jon has found love with Aileen, at least someone’s happy.  A promotion in another state means the end of her loving relationship with Ty.  There’s no way Sylvie can expect Ty to leave his family landscape business.  Hearing the news though, Ty has no intention of losing the woman he loves and sets out to prove just that.

Strange Sabbats has something for everyone with an interlocking storyline containing sexy, steamy encounters between witches and mortals plus a sprinkling of hot BDSM.  One story leads to another and all are wrapped up in a satisfying way.  Love, laughter and a whole lot of magical moments make Strange Sabbats a tale to enjoy.


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