Strands of Sunlight by Anya Bast

Ellora’s Cave

Fantasy, Erotic Romance

ISBN: 9781419917936

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Rhiannon was raised as an indentured servant, unaware of her heritage.   She has gifts inherited from her mother that she’s been taught to fear by the ignorant villagers.   When a stranger buys her contract, she expects the worse.   The future is in shadow.  Rhiannon is destined to avenge her murdered parents, while fighting her love and passion for two different men.

Tristan suffers from past tragedy, resulting in the loss of his honor.  He feels unworthy of Rhiannon.   Duty and revenge conflict with his obsession for her, and the impulse to let her go to Gareth, a man of integrity that wants to protect Rhiannon from Tristan’s darkness.

“Compelling” best describes Strands of Sunlight, from the characters to the plot.   So much happens in this story, and it’s all brought together perfectly.   On a visual note, the artistic cover design is quite creative.

Tristan is magnetic, a tortured hero with strong, lustful urges.  From the author’s description, I pictured Tristan as Lord of The Ring’s Viggo Mortensen minus the facial hair.  Rhiannon matches him every step of the way without overdoing the “I’m a strong woman” bit.   For her, think of an early Kim Bassinger.  Gareth—a la young Brad Pitt—provides contrast, acting as a catalyst.  They all battle a sinister villain and overcome each obstacle with insight, loyalty, and fortitude.  It made them quite likeable.  What struck home the most was the positive manner in which sexuality and love was portrayed.  And finally, the premise of how relationships can change our fate - nothing is ever written in stone.  

Plot intrigue, action, and scorching sex are ingredients that simmer together to make a whimsical literary meal.   Once you start, you won’t be able to stop reading, and the best part is there are no extra calories, just loads of good writing.


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