Stormy Nights by Tonya Ramagos

The Heroes of Silver Springs

Siren Romance


ISBN 1-60601-125-1

Reviewed by Tanya



Ryan Magee is starting his second career, after a devastating knee injury Ryan gave up being a Navy SEAL now he is the B Shift Engineer for the Silver Springs Fire Department.  He is also shocked when he is instantly drawn to Tina like his body is on fire.  But she is a single mother and Ryan knows how that will go, as he grew up with one.  The thing is that he needs to figure out if he can trust Tina to be different than his mother, or at least get her into bed. 

Tina will do whatever it takes to keep her son safe, even if that means riding out a Hurricane in Ryan’s house.  Though she finds that Ryan makes her blood sing, she is not about to spend time with the judgmental crass man.  But, when his past comes to haunt them all bringing dangers that Tina had never imagined, including the kidnapping of the one thing she values most on earth, will she trust Ryan, or will she run for the hills?

More than just the two of them are in danger from the hurricane and Ryan’s past, but will the duo come together as a team and let their love win out?  Or will all be lost?

Stormy Nights is the third story about The Heroes of Silver Springs and I have to say it is the most action packed one that I have read yet.   It has it all, a hurricane, a bad fire, more than one live story and someone from Ryan’s past has come to try and kill him.  While this is Tina and Ryan’s story (boy is it their story), I also love that you get to see Tripp and Bailey finally make some changes in their romance.  I thoroughly enjoyed Stormy Nights but was a little distracted by the number of sub plots going on, as well as with how much of a jerk that Ryan was acting at the start of the story.  You could read Stormy Nights as a stand alone story but it will make more sense if you read the others in The Heroes of Silver Springs series.  Ms. Ramagos does not disappoint, she can write a scorching scene just about kissing, never mind other body contact and for this alone, I recommend you pick up this series as well as Stormy Nights.


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