Stay Tape by Alex Draven

Torquere Books


ISBN: 978-1-60370-432-8, 1-60370-432-9

Reviewed by Raine



Dirk loved designing costumes for Blackbird & Bait. But his boss has just informed him that she needs him to model for the next catalog. Kit, his boyfriend, thinks it is an excellent idea, while Dirk is very sure he absolutely does not want anything to do with modeling! Kit assures him he will help him get through it.

Stay Tape is a cute and funny story. Kit, the more outgoing of the couple, loves the idea of his boy on film, while Dirk is sure he will make a fool of himself. But like most couples when you work at something together you can get through it and sometimes even the outcome will surprise you pleasantly. Stay Tape is great when you need a chuckle and a little uplift in your day.


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