Starlight Passion by Astrid Cooper

Starlight Series, Book 4

eXtasy Books


ISBN: 978-1-55487-102-5

Reviewed by Lisa



Prince Harimal of Chizan is considered dead by most, written off, but his half brother John-Kuno and wife Samantha-Sharille are certain that he is alive and being held hostage somewhere in the galaxy.

As important, however as it is to find Hari, the couple must get to Chizan as soon as possible for John-Kuno to go through mutatis on home soil with his mate.  It has been many years since John-Kuno has been home after a bitter argument with his father, King Herrall and his body is paying the price for not visiting home any earlier.

Friends help John-Kuno cope physically and his human mate Samantha-Sharille continues to learn the customs of her husbandís people as they journey to Chizan.  Tension is high with a missing heir and the second born prince about to go through a mystical experience with the woman he loves.  Someone powerful is tampering with their lives and must be stopped before anyone else goes missing or turns up dead.

The popular Starlight saga resumes with Starlight Passion, the fourth story in the series by author Astrid Cooper.  John-Kuno and Samantha-Sharille continue to explore and embrace the spiritual levels of lovemaking.  I really like these characters, the love scenes are great but the side story about Harimal is getting to be an aggravating tease with so little given about his plight in this story and the last one.  Hopefully the next book gives Hari a larger share of the story with Sam now involved.  Starlight Passion is a sexy, important interlude between John-Kuno and Samantha-Sharille leaving poor Hari once again on a very dangerous sideline.


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