Starlight Desire by Astrid Cooper

Starlight Series, Book 3

eXtasy Books


ISBN: 978-1-55487-053-0

Reviewed by Lisa



Samantha and John-Kuno have declared their love for each other regardless of the difficulties they face.  A human woman mating with a half-human, half Felinus prince is unheard of in most circles.

Spiritually and sexually the two evolve in their relationship to the next tier Ė Starlight Desire.  Soon after John-Kuno feels the pull to go home and reach the next level with Samantha as quickly as possible.

News reaches the couple though that Kunoís brother Harimal has gone missing. The freighter Hari traveled home on did not arrive at the Felinus home world nor can anyone find the ship.  Thereís no way Kuno or Sam will sit back when Hari has vanished.  Someone wanted the Felinus Prince badly, but whom?

Starlight Desire is the third installment in this innovative series by author Astrid Cooper.  The setting, beings and levels of sexual ecstasy are unique, sensuous and fun to imagine.  But, while the carnal explorations are sizzling it takes up almost the entire story.  The non sexual action is barely mentioned, itís hardly a plotline tease of things to come in the future.  Most who read Starlight Desire and the previous stories are likely thrilled with the skillfully written sensual and spiritual journey the pair take but Iíd love the couple to interact more with others or rescue Hari or get involved in some other plotline action.  Starlight Desire has great characters, a unique premise, scorching hot sex scenes but the potential for a fantastic story just isnít quite there yet.  I canít believe that Iím saying this but more story and a little less sex please.


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