Speak Its Name by Charlie Cochrane, Erastes, Lee Rowan

Trilogy No. 111

Linden Bay

M/M Historical

ISBN: 978-1-60202-125-9

Reviewed by Ley



“Aftermath” by Charlie Cochrane

Hugo Lamont is the man most men strive to be, confident, dignified and a friend to everyone.  There is something about Hugo that no one knows; he carries the shame of being attracted to other men.  He’s even more ashamed of the feelings he has for his new friend Edward Easterby.  Edward holds Hugo in the same high regard as everyone and then some. He’s very attracted to Hugo, but he feels Hugo is out of his league on every level and they couldn’t possible have enough in common to even form a friendship. 

“Aftermath” is very good. Set in early 1920s, Edward and Hugo’s feelings for one another are taboo and not acceptable behavior for young English gentlemen.  I liked this story because the two men form a friendship before they even revealed their attraction to each other.  Even after their feelings for each other were made known, their relationship was still based on mutual respect and not sexual attraction.  “Aftermath” is not a highly sexual story or passionate one, but it is very sweet and I loved it.


“Gentleman’s Gentleman” by Lee Rowan

Jack Darling loved Lord Robert Scoville from the first moment he met him.  Serving in the war together and later taking a position in Lord Scoville’s home, Jack wished for a more intimate relationship with his lord, but giving their social statuses he believed that would never be possible.  The two are called on a diplomatic mission that leads to the revelation of well-kept secrets.  Will Lord Roberts finally see Jack, the man who has cared for him and accepted him over the years, as the true love he thought he would never have?

“Gentleman’s Gentleman” is my favorite of this trilogy, and that’s saying a lot because I enjoyed all three.   Again what I liked about this story is that the love that blossomed between these two was deeply rooted in friendship and respect. “Gentleman’s Gentleman” is not just a romance; there is also a mystery here too. This is not a story heavy in passion and sex either but Jack and Robert are a great couple and this is a story that will make its readers smile.


“Hard and Fast” by Erastes

Barely home from war, his father informs Major Geoffrey Chaloner that it is time for him to marry.  Not only that, his father has also chosen whom he should marry.  Upon meeting Emily Pelham, the woman he is supposed to fall in love with, it was her cousin Adam Heywood to whom Geoffrey found himself attracted to.

“Hard and Fast” is yet another terrific story in this trilogy.  This story reminded me of past historical romances with the initial dislike of one another in order to hide the sexual tension.  One difference is that Geoffrey didn’t realize that what he was feeling when he was around Adam was sexual tension until they shared their first kiss.   Erastes did a great job with “Hard and Fast” and I really enjoyed reading it.

Speak Its Name is a fantastic trilogy and I feel readers will love each story within it.  For a sweet trip back to historic England, Speak Its Name is the perfect book.


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