Sparks Fly by Clare London

Dreamspinner Press


ISBN: 978-1-935192-04-6

Reviewed by Raine



Aidan West worked to help Sparksí owner Nic Gerrard build an elaborate computer program to match people with their potential soulmates. With a hacker on the loose, Nicís company is in trouble. Aidan works night and day trying to find the backdoor and seal it shut.

With business as an excuse, Nic finally makes his move to ask Aidan for a dinner meeting only and turn it into one of a personal nature. But Aidan gets upset; the men have words and part. Only mixed signals from Aidan keeps Nic coming back again and again to appeal to Aidan, trying to tell him that they are a match for one another.

Nic seems to be all success and confidence, while Aidan prefers to be a loner and quiet. The characters in Sparks Fly were well developed and I felt like I really got to know them as their story progressed. Sparks Fly has a very angst filled journey, but like all great romance stories the man gets his man in the end.


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