Soundwave’s Surrender by Leila Brown

Super Sex, Book 1

Changeling Press


ISBN: 978-1-60521-007-0

Reviewed by Lisa



The legendary Soundwave was hired to bring down General Pane and the Legion Five Beta flagship of the Clone Army.  Success is achieved but something tips off Soundwave that Pane has managed to survive and she goes after him.

Revenge, lust and desire are the dance played by Soundwave and Pane at this latest encounter.  Perhaps it is time to lay down their weapons and just lay down.

Soundwave’s Surrender is a totally sexy, fun read!  Although it seems like you are dropped into the middle of this story, Soundwave’s Surrender is still worth reading.  Passion leaps off the pages between Pane and Soundwave as they struggle for dominance.  Fast paced, light and thoroughly pleasurable, enjoy Soundwave’s Surrender.


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