Soul Bonds by Lynn Lorenz’s

Loose id

M/M Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-59632-709-2

Reviewed by Ley



Running away from Donovan, his pimp, Sammi was alone and scared, all he had is his body to help him survive.  Dodging one of Donovan’s goons, Sammi ducked into a bar, in hopes of finding someone willing to take him home for the night.  As soon as he walked into the bar, he found more than a john for the night, he found his soul mate.  Sammi felt Mitchell’s presence before he saw him and felt him speaking before Mitchell even uttered a word.  Sammi knew Mitchell was his soul mate when Mitchell ‘heard’ him too.

Mitchell Collins never thought he would meet someone to fill the hole that was left in his world when his lover Steve died five years ago, but then Sammi entered his life.  Sammi made Mitchell feel things he never felt before, he loved Sammi on a level totally different from what he felt for Steve.  When Donovan tracks Sammi down will the bond he shares with Mitch be enough to keep him safe?

Soul Bonds is a good, sweet and entertaining story.  Sammi is the sweetest thing and Mitchell is an utterly fantastic guy, but I felt the love came way to quickly between them.  Even though their relationship moved rather fast it was still a very loving one, and I adored Sammi.  I also liked Brian, he was an awesome best friend and I would love to read more about him.  Although there were a couple of scenes that had me reading them in totally disbelief, the overall story of Soul Bonds was very enjoyable.


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