Sorority Girl Pledge Time by Cheryl Dragon

Loose Id

Contemporary f/f

ISBN: 978-1-59632-590-6 

Reviewed by Beth Anne



Freshmen pledge week at sorority Tri Pi, finds old high school enemies, Ashley James and Blanca Perez, struggling to abide by the sorority’s rules, least of which includes doing chores in nothing but your undergarments and the most is doing without sex.  Any sex. Male or Female. The no sex rule also applies to self- gratification.  No exceptions.  Ashley’s chances of surviving pledge week and becoming a sorority sister as her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother (sorority founder) before her, are jeopardized when the sorority president, Simone, finds Ashley masturbating on the washing machine. 

Simone requires Ashley to become her sexual slave, removes her from cleaning detail, and forces her to room with Blanca in the room next to Simone, a room usually held for the top pledge candidates.  What follows is a wildly exotic sexual adventure for both Ashley and Blanca, as they discover sides of their sexual natures not yet realized.

Sorority Girl Pledge Time has a lot of sex, and little plot.  Ashley is confident in her sexual preferences, and pleased to discover the intensity in sexual play with Blanca and Simone, which includes submissive behavior and spankings.  Blanca is discovering her sexual preferences and continues to have sex with both men and women.  Though I enjoyed most of the sexual encounters in the book, including the slight bondage, voyeurism, and the m/m and m/f/m scenes, there were some inconsistencies that were irritating and derailed my overall enjoyment of the story.  For example, during an all girl three-way, the discussion was around using a dildo in the bum, keeping the vagina penetration free and tight, loosening and stretching only the rear entrance.  But what the character actually said was the reverse of the actual action that took place.  Ignoring these little irritations, the reader looking for hot, sizzingly, page burning girl-on-girl action, Sorority Girl Pledge Time is the right story.


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