Sorcha’s Heart by Debbie Mumford

Freya’s Bower

Fantasy Romance

ISBN: 978-1-934069-19-1

Reviewed by Chris



Daughter of King Leofric’s wizard, Elspeth, Sorcha believes she's destined to find a legendary fire opal known as the “Heart of Fire.” Such a weapon might bring peace between the warring dragons and humans. Without peace, Sorcha is afraid humanity will have a short-lived presence.

Black dragon Caedryn is present when Sorcha manages to resurrect the medallion from its hidden spot. Fearing he intends to take it from her, she recklessly loops its chain around her neck. A price comes with its power, though, and Sorcha is transformed into a dragon. Good thing Caedryn is there to show her what dragon life is like.

The war between humanity and the dragons is escalating. When the king’s knights capture one of Sorcha’s newfound friends, it’s up to Sorcha to practice her diplomacy skills and try to win the freedom not only for her friend, but for the entire flight of dragons she’s come to love.

An enchanting tale of star-crossed lovers, Sorcha’s Heart, will find a place in all dragon lovers’ hearts. Debbie Mumford’s written a well-paced vignette that will tug at your heart-strings and make you wish for more. Sorcha is a bold young wizard, sometimes reckless as the young can be, but never stumbling over the too-stupid-to-live line heroines sometimes cross in their attempt to prove their feistiness. Be warned that the story does end with a cliffhanger. However, Sorcha’s Children, the sequel, has already been released. They can be read separately, but you’ll find more enjoyment in both together.


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