Sophie’s Secret by Michelle Cary

Loose Id

BDSM Contemporary Menage

ISBN: 9781596328280

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



After being broken up with by another boyfriend, Sophie Green has had enough.  Deciding to hire her next boyfriend, Sophie figures she can find a man to satisfy her needs without becoming emotionally tied to him.  More than anything, Sophie wants to be a wife and mother. She wants to be cherished for who she is and have a man promise fidelity.  She also wants him to be naughty in the bedroom so that some of her fantasies can be fulfilled.  In her heart of hearts she is describing her roommate Logan Rutledge but there is just one problem.  Logan is a love’em and leave’em kind of guy.  At least that is what he wants her to think.  The truth is Logan’s feelings for Sophie are much more complicated. 

I was compelled to finish Sophie’s Secret in one sitting.  Logan and Sophie had been roommates and friends for years and I wanted to see how Michelle Cary would handle their exploration of each other without messing up their friendship.  Each had loved the other forever but was afraid to reach for what they wanted most.  It wasn’t until Sophie had an accident that Logan finally realized that he couldn’t lose her, no matter what.  She completed him and that is the way he wanted it.  I couldn’t have asked for a better story.  Sophie’s Secret is emotionally gripping and sensually satisfying.  I enjoyed every single enticing word.


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