So Much More Than Naked II by D. J. Manly

eXtasy Books

M/M, BDSM, Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-55487-151-3

Reviewed by Ley



Darcy and Ryan found something special in each other, something they hoped would last a lifetime.  Darcy learned to give up some control to Ryan but not enough to show Ryan he’s really committed to what they have.  Each man is trying to figure out their role in their relationship. Even though it was defined from the beginning that Ryan held the dominant role especially in the bedroom, a deeper look into what they really need show that things will have to change in order for their relationship to survive.

With the visit of Darcy’s brother Martin and Ryan’s ex-boyfriend resurfacing, Darcy and Ryan’s seemingly solid relationship may face a test it just might not survive.

So Much More Than Naked II is a lovely surprise sequel to a story I very much adored.  This is a very emotional sequel as was the prequel, but this got to me more because it was Ryan who fell apart.  I felt Ryan and Darcy’s situation flipped from the previous book, to where Ryan was the emotionally needy one.  Ryan became the one to lie to himself and pretend things were okay when they weren’t.  He was the one hiding truths of what he needed and his desires in and out of the bedroom.  His lack of trust in Darcy regarding his dark desires surprised me.  I was very disappointed in how he handled the return of his ex-boyfriend and his keeping Darcy in the dark. 

Ryan gave so much to Darcy, getting him to admit his sexuality and accepting of his need to give up control once in awhile, he knew he could have trusted Darcy as he trusted him.  As the story progressed and even though I was upset with Ryan I began to understand where his thinking was coming from and I felt for him and the way he was hurting, and of course I enjoyed So Much More Than Naked II just as much as the first story.  I was also pleasantly surprised and happy about a second romance in the story that had me rooting for a happy ending just as much as Darcy and Ryan’s romance.  So Much More Than Naked II is a heavy, intense and erotic story that readers of the previous book will not want to miss.


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