Something Beautiful by Jenna Jones

Chiaroscuro, Book 2

Torquere Press

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60370-410-6, 1-60370-410-8

Reviewed by Ley



Micah Fergusonís three month, summer long excursion through Europe didnít go as he planned, especially the part where his boyfriend dumps him and leaves him in Europe all alone.  Not wanting his friends and family to worry, Micah didnít go into great details about what happened until he returned home and was able to confide in his best friend Dune.  Dune holds a special place in Micahís heart and Micah would like for them to be more than just friends, but Duneís reservation and the reappearance of Duneís ex-boyfriend pose insurmountable obstacles for Micah.

Dune has feelings for Micah as well, but he loves him too much to ruin what they have for sex.  Dune feels Micah needs to live life a little more. The two of them starting a sexual relationship could be disastrous, but Micahís persistence becomes too much for Dune to resist.  With Micah tempting him one way and his ex-boyfriend trying to get back in his life, Dune finds himself losing control of his life and what he truly wants.

Something Beautiful, the sequel to Chiaroscuro is a multifaceted ensemble story that evolves around Micah and Dune. I was impressed with Jenna Jonesí writing style.  She created some interesting characters and I found the sub plots to be as interesting as the romantic focal point of the story.  As for the romantic aspect of the story, I didnít find Micah and Dune to be a good match up and their relationship seemed like a happy for now as opposed to a happily ever after story.  I also found Duneís weakness where Gavin was concerned to be out of place for an otherwise strong willed character.  For readers and fans of Chiaroscuro, Something Beautiful is a follow-up story worth reading.  And although this is a sequel it can be read as a stand-alone.


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