Inherently Sexual Series: Snowman by Nix Winters

Freyas Bower

Historical Fantasy Romance


Reviewed by Chris



Jonathan Daily arrives from London to teach an Asian princess English, and educate her on British customs. In reality, he appears to be running from the harsh words a former male partner uttered, and Asia is as good a destination as any. What he finds is not comforting: an alien land covered in snow, people whose language he does not understand, and an enticing, androgynous snow siren.

Im not quite sure what to say about Snowman. The premise is original, the descriptions of the Asian culture seen through stuffy British eyes is charming, and the flow of the sentences, at times, poetic. However, Ms. Winters has dedicated only six pages to the telling of the tale. Its difficult to imbue life into the main characters with so little space and I think Snowman suffers because of such.


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