Sir Philip Ashtonís Eyes by Sahara Kelly

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419915802

Reviewed by Amelia



At twenty-three, Abby Foxworth is considered an old maid by regency standards. When she agrees to accompany her aunt to a scientific demonstration on mesmerism she doesnít expect to see a man who captures her with his gaze.

Sir Philips Ashton has reluctantly agreed to his sisterís request for a demonstration of mesmerism. What he doesnít expect to find is the beauty sitting in the front row. He is mesmerized by her, and asks for her assistance in his display. Afterwards, they succumb to passion.

But Abby is unwilling to let go of her heart, and Philip has to fight for a love he knows is very real.

Sir Philip Ashtonís Eyes is an erotic read from the first chapter. This couple falls quickly into each otherís arms, and pretty much stay there until the end of the story. At first I was disappointed with what I felt to be a lack of emotional bonding between the two of them, but the ending quickly turned my disappointment into a huge smile. Philip is a sexy scientist who will worm his way into readerís hearts. If youíre up for a hot, erotic read, try Sir Philip Ashtonís Eyes. Itís a fun way to spend an afternoon.


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