Sight Unseen

by Shayne Carmichael and Mychael Black


Torquere Press

M/M Paranormal

ISBN:  978-1-60370-408-3

Reviewed by Jambrea



Jamie Smith is in for a surprise when Samuel Haridan walks into his antique shop looking for a pearl necklace.  One minute they are talking shop, the next the shop is being broken into by vampires.  Haridan helps Jamie escape, bringing him into a world of politics and intrigue.  Do these two men stand a chance at forever or will they be torn apart by the obstacles thrown their way?

Sight Unseen is action packed with vampire goodness.  Jamie and Haridanís chemistry is apparent from the beginning, but Jamie is holding back.  Haridan has problems of his own that he needs to overcome so the two can be together.  When Jamie finally lets go allowing the two of them to be together it is explosive.  The political structure of Shayne Carmichael and Mychael Blackís world is very intriguing and I hope they have plans to do more set in this world.  I would love to hear more about the structure and inner workings of this vampire society and take a peek into how Jamie and Haridan are doing  too.


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