She Did a Bad, Bad Thing by Stephanie Bond

HQN-Blaze #338


ISBN: 978-0373793426

Reviewed by Tanya



Plain Jane is how Jane Kurtz has always seen herself.  She has been content to stand behind the scenes and let others have the limelight.  In fact, she has prided herself in helping them look fantastic while doing it.  But, now she is not as content as she once was.  She seems to be stuck in a rut and when she overhears her new neighbor insult her; she realizes it is time to make some changes.  When she wins the lottery she really lets loose and decides to let her “inner wild child out” and boy does she do it with gusto.  But, what is Perry, the sexy neighbor who now feels like a heel about insulting her and even worse that she heard him, to do as he finds himself attracted to her.   Well he follows her to Vegas for one thing and makes her a proposition she is unable to turn down. But, are they both in it for more than one weekend only?  And what will happen if her well-meaning friends jump to the wrong conclusion about Perry and is it all just too good to be true?

Some might think She Did A Bad, Bad Thing by letting out her inner wild child.  But I think others, as I did, will cheer that Jane is finally letting loose and stepping way outside of her comfort zone.  Though it does help quite a bit that she just won the lottery with coworkers but still her spur of the moment trip was definately the wild child within.  I think Ms. Bond had a fun time poking fun at a number of stereotypes in this story as well as writing about the dangers of making a judgment without knowing most of the facts.  As you expect with a Blaze romance this one lives up to its name and the main characters do manage to heat up the sheets a time or two.  Overall I found She Did A Bad, Bad Thing to be fun, sexy read.  You will enjoy this story.


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