Shattered by M.L. Rhodes

The Vertigo Chronicles, Book 2

Amber Quill – Allure

Fantasy M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60272-393-1

Reviewed by Lisa



Simon Saint-Saens has lived the past 10 years not knowing where he came from or how he got his incredible gifts of power that enable him to fight demons.  Simon hates the blank spaces of his past but more importantly he hates knowing that he sent the man he loved above all others to his death.  But, somehow Jade has been returned to him and Simon vows to never be parted again.

Jaden Cole has literally returned from the dead and once again he is in Simon’s life.  Jade plans to never reveal to Simon how he managed to survive fearing that he will be rejected if his lover ever knew what he’d become.  The journey has been hard won and Jade plans to stay by his lover’s side from now on.

A new threat to the humans of Gallasfor City sends the two men to an underground kingdom few know of.  Jade knows that he can get protection for Simon at a price only he can pay.  Each wish to protect the other from harm no matter the cost to themself but will the price be too high?

Deeply moving and dark, Shattered draws readers in and holds you till the last page.  Author M.L. Rhodes knows how to write an emotional, angst ridden tale of a lost love returned and high drama.  Verging on emotional bankruptcy, Simon and Jade are flawed, fantastic characters.  Shattered takes up where Vertigo left off and takes a little time to figure out if you missed the first story but the essence of Shattered revolves around these two wounded souls.  They make Shattered something special, something not to be missed. Shattered is sensitive, smoking hot and a sure fire winner for those who love a character driven tale. 


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