Shadow and Betrayal by H. M. Harrison

Feral’s Legacy

New Concepts Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60394-030-6

Reviewed by Jo



Dori is the survivor of an attack that wiped out her village.  She was found and now lives with a species that is working to save hers.  She is a Zyan female who does not understand much about her race.  Now grown up, Dori goes outside one night as everything in her being tells her to do.  What she finds is a badly wounded man who calls to her.

Merrick is not only a Zyan male but he is also a pride-clan leader.  Betrayal is not something that Merrick is going to forget or forgive anytime soon, but for right now he just has to find somewhere that is safe for him to heal and rest.  Running on instincts alone, Merrick is guided to a compound and Dori. 

Merrick does not understand Dori’s situation at first and when he does, Merrick is determined to help Dori not only discover her Zyan history but also just what she is to him.  Dori is going to have to face the horror of her past and the same enemy that threatens Merrick but working and learning to love together will show those that mean to harm them that the same kitty that can purr will also bite you.

It’s a stormy night and something is drawing you outside – what to do?  Shadow and Betrayal has Dori answering that question when she finds a wounded Merrick that night.  I watched as Merrick not only found Dori, but also helped her explore what was in herself.  While Dori was deeply scarred by her past, I thought that Merrick’s gentleness, patience and lust were the perfect match for her.  Shadow and Betrayal is a journey of discovery of the love between Dori and Merrick and of a darker discovery of what can happen when science goes unquestioned.   I was intrigued by the world in which Dori and Merrick lived and I hope that the author will take us back so that the questions that were left open can be explored.  I will be watching.


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