Sexier Side of the Hill by Victoria Blisse


Contemporary Ménage

Reviewed By Vicki



Michelle has just graduated from medical school and is now a Doctor of Medicine.  To celebrate graduating, and her fortieth birthday she hops on a booze cruise to France.  On the train she meets two bisexual men that promise to show her a birthday she will never forget.

The real surprise is when her ex-boyfriend shows up at her apartment and finds them engaged in a threesome.  Will it be the last time she sees the man she still loves, or will he join in on the fun?

Sexier Side of the Hill was good but it lacked something.  The characters were well laid out and it was easy to understand where they all came from, in the end it all read as a nice daydream, but it never felt real to me.  The ex-boyfriend’s reason for leaving would have made sense in a traditional relationship, but they did not have a traditional relationship.  Some steamy scenes redeem the plot and make this a good read.


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