Servicing Rafferty by Janie Mason

Samhain Publishing


ISBN:  1-60504-077-0

Reviewed by Jambrea



Heidi Callihan wants her boss Rafe to see her as more than a buddy.  When the townís trampy widow starts to throw herself at Rafe, Heidi knows she has to take matters into her own hands.

Rafe is starting to see his mechanic, Heidi, in a new light, but he is older and feels she needs time to grow, not some old guy taking away a chance for her to have fun while she is young.

Will these two ever see eye to eye?  Can they tune up their relationship or will it be totaled before it has a chance?

Servicing Rafferty is going to rack up the miles because it is smoking hot!  Janie Mason is great.  I loved the idea of a female mechanic because that is just hot.  Poor Heidi had her work cut out for her with Rafe.  Rafe is looking out for Heidi, who is sweet, but Heidi didnít want sweet she wanted hot.  Rafe and Heidi are great together and I loved how they played off of each other.  Ms. Mason threw a few wretches into the story which made it fun.  I canít wait to read what else Ms. Mason has to offer.



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