Servant of Magic by Elyssa Lynne

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419913037

Reviewed by Amelia



Cori is a novice, who sneaks out one night to watch the ever-depleting Circle of Maidens perform a ritual to try and bring magic back to the Island of Kethris. The Heartstone, that which holds the magic on the island, has been taken to the mainland where it is being held captive by the King, to keep the islanders in lines. While watching the ritual, Cori has a vision, of a phantom lover. When that happens, the Mistress of Magic sees a way to retrieve their Heartstone.

King Anders has assumed the throne, after the murder of his cousin. Now he must take a bride. According to tradition, one maiden comes from each of the nine islands in his kingdom. He must choose from one of them. When he sees Cori, the woman with the silver eyes who appeared to him as if in a dream, he knows sheís the one.

But Cori has sworn to retrieve the stone by any means possible. Including killing the king, if she must.

Servant of Magic is a tightly drawn story that weaves magic through its pages. I loved Cori, who was strong and ready to do her duty. She didnít count on falling in love with the King though, and I thoroughly enjoyed the fact she didnít lie to him, and stayed true to herself. Anders, despite the fact he doesnít want to be King, is a strong leader and a very alpha hero. Together, these two steam up the pages, and wind themselves around the readerís heart.

I would love to see other books set in the same world as Servant of Magic. Until then, Iíll just have to be content with rereading this one, and falling in love with Anders all over again.


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