Selkie Skin by Yolanda Sfetsos

Whispers Publishing


Reviewed by Cassie



Marisa Lombardi is shocked when she finds a naked, wounded man near the Sydney Opera House.  She’s even more astounded when she takes him home to help him and finds he’s already healed.  When the man, Dylan, tells her he’s a selkie, Marisa has a choice to make…


Selkie Skin features a species of shape-shifter I’ve always found fascinating.  There’s just something cool about selkies.  I sympathized with Marisa, whose loneliness and unhappiness were evident.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t really get into Selkie Skin.  Everything happened so quickly that the love between Dylan and Marisa felt forced.  I think if the book would have been longer, it would have felt more fleshed out.  As it was, however, while Selkie Skin wasn’t a bad book, I wasn’t captivated by it either.



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