Selfless by Michael Powers

Dreamspinner Press

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-935192-06-0

Reviewed by Lisa



Yet another lover has turned out to be a complete jerk so Rob Harrison is thinking about giving up on finding someone to love and cherish.  Rob figures he needs to just enjoy the company of his dog and stop wishing for that someone special.

Life hasn’t been easy for Matt Ramirez, his father abandoned the family when his mother was diagnosed with Huntingdon’s disease but at least he’s got a successful career.  Of course Matt’s love life is pretty grim which doesn’t help.

Rob has pretty much given up on love when Matt jogs by and introduces himself.  So begins a wonderful adventure both personally and professionally for the two men.  Fate however, has a way of balancing give and take, even in relationships.   The day may come when one is faced with the most brutal decision of a lifetime and the other will deal with the consequences. 

Selfless is a thought provoking, riveting tale of love and the price sometimes asked for the bounty of that selfless love.  I would categorize Selfless as a ‘sweet’ story because the sexual activity stays behind closed doors throughout this book.  Things fall into place somewhat easily for them and their kindness is almost too good to be true at times which stretches credibility.  But, the emotional ending packs a wallop.  I may have wanted a tougher story but I was invested in the characters and I was crying when I finished reading.  Selfless is an enjoyable story with an ending that hits every emotional button.


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