Seductionís Bite by Madison Layle

Cobblestone Press


ISBN: 978-1-60088-252-4

Reviewed by Lisa



Years ago, a tragedy beyond imagining changed the course of Cheyenne Loganís life forever.  An attack by a vampire destroyed her life and now she does everything she can to destroy them, the more the better.

Turned against his will, so long ago those days no longer exist except in museums, Kieran Duboix devotes his existence to aiding the Order in their fight against the rogue vampires of the Horde.

The hunter Cheyenne and the vampire Kieran are brought together by blood, fighting and fate.  The question, can Cheyenne look past what Kiernan is long enough to open her heart and her mind without destroying him first?

Seductionís Bite is a fast paced thrill ride of adventure and the redemption of love.  Painful tragedies color the actions of main characters Cheyenne and Kieran but doesnít ruin their capacity to love.  Kieran is an especially dishy alpha and I would love to know more about secondary character Tristan, hmmm?  I do wish the showdown with the Ďbadí guy had been more drawn out or longer but Seductionís Bite is enjoyable with sexy characters in an entertaining plot.


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