Seduction of the Fae by Raquel Taylor

Liquid Silver Books

Dark Erotic Fantasy, BDSM, Poly

ISBN 978-1-59578-387-5

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Rousseau Manor has a sinister, bloody history filled with debauchery.  It doesn’t keep Saphira Morgan from visiting the manor.  Someone has been sending her pictures of her husband, Ransom, with another woman.  His betrayal is tearing her apart, so she finds solace in painting the faeries depicted on the walls of the abandoned house.

When the manor reveals its wicked secrets, Saphira finds herself in a place ruled by magic and pleasure.   The lines between pleasure and pain are blurred in her journey.   Strange creatures, depraved satyrs, and gorgeous faeries set the stage for lust, betrayal, and deviant desires.  Saphira submits until discovery erupts into self-knowledge.   Only then can she save herself and everything she cares about.

Raquel Taylor has created a picturesque novella bursting at the seams with brilliant and rich descriptions that erupt behind your eyelids.   The faeries are as decadent and sadistic as they are beautiful.   In the beginning, I wasn’t certain who the real villains of the story were, until elements of the plot were uncovered.   Not a bad touch at all.  Fascinating tidbits from faerie myths and legends are liberally utilized throughout and it kept me engaged.  The author makes it all fit in between the large masses of sex that sweeps across the entire story with tidal wave effect.  This doesn’t leave a lot of room for much character development, although there is some.   

Seduction of the Fae is a visual feast laden with carnality.    At times I felt a little overwhelmed by it all, but I was drawn in so deep by the passion of Ms. Taylor’s writing, I held on with both hands until the end, anxious to see how she would bring salvation to Saphira and Ransom.    Despite a few clichés here and there, everything is done with such style and creativity that I’m forced to tell anyone curious to read it that this is the kind of book that you should experience firsthand to draw your own conclusion. I can guarantee that you won’t be bored or disappointed.  The best word I could use would be mesmerized if the faeries don’t seduce you first. 


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