Seducing the Darkness by Shiela Stewart

Darkness, Book 1

Linden Bay Romance


ISBN: 978-1-60202-135-8

Reviewed by Zayn



Trinity Ford was all alone when vampire prince Basil Hawthorne came into her life and changed it forever.  That was years ago and Trinity is a vampire now, but she is still alone.  Trinity spends her nights protecting humans from her kind and trying to forget Basil and his betrayal.  Recently, there has been a spate of missing teenage girls and Trinity is on a mission to find out why.  She enlists the help of private investigator Dante Vega in her search but Basil keeps turning up.

Basil is the only blood heir of the vampire king Avadur, who was exiled to the Realm of Dark Mystics, courtesy of Basil.  A solar eclipse is approaching and with the help of dark forces in the vampire world, so is the King!  Basil has to keep his distance from Trinity for her own safety because if Avadur succeeds in his comeback bid, he will be coming for Basil with a vengeance. 

Staying away from the only woman he has ever loved is impossible and with rumors of plans to make the solar eclipse permanent, Basil and Trinity just might have to work together.

Seducing the Darkness was a hot read with lots of action.  Trinity is a kick ass heroine and Basil is one hot vampire prince.  I loved Shiela Stewart's take on vampires so much that I looked for the sequel immediately.  Imagine my pleasure when I found not only the sequel but the prequel as well!  So Surrender to the Darkness and pretty soon you will Desire the Darkness, just like I did.


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