Secret Desires by Stormy Glenn

Tri-Omega Mates, book 1

Siren Publishing

M/M Shapeshifter Paranormal

ISBN: 1-60601-287-8

Reviewed by Ley



Being a tri-omega werewolf, Leland Summers knew he was special and that his future held two special people for him.  He knew werewolves had soul mates, but in his case he had two and someday he would find them, but he never expected his current photography job to lead him to the both of them. 

Meeting first Jake and then Luke, Leland didnít think life could get any better than what his two gorgeous mates had to offer him.  When Leland finds that Jake, the alpha of the pack, was already in love with Luke, his omega, Leland starts to wonder if there was a place in their life and hearts for him.

Secret Desires is a fun and enjoyable story.  Leland is just adorable and he holds his own against his big, gorgeous and very overbearing lovers. Jake and Luke are the alpha and omega of a pack that chose to be with each other after being shunned by their own birth packs.  The chosen pack were wolves that really cared for one another and I think Leland fit in with them nicely.  Lelandís mother, who was also a tri-omega, was a crack up.  She was so matter of fact and blunt it seemed like nothing fazed her.  It was obvious Leland took after her and not his two fathers.  Aside from Leland, Luke and Jakeís romance, I was also very interested in Ryland and Gregory and Iím excited that the author Stormy Glenn isnít letting their story end with Secret Desires.  I really liked Secret Desires and Iím looking forward to more from Ms. Glenn regarding this series and other stories.


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