Second Wind by Dee S. Knight

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 1-59998-588-8

Reviewed by Ley



East meets west when Texas cowboy Rafe Walker falls for the well to do Bostonian Cathy Fitzgerald. A weekend of hot passion leads to Rafe and Cathy rearranging their lives to be together.  A spontaneous marriage proposal and a surprised ‘yes’ have Cathy packing up her city life and moving into Rafe’s Texas ranch.

Four years later Rafe and Cathy find that passion may not have been enough to build a relationship as their marriage is crumbling apart.  Will these two who obviously love each other find a way to salvage their marriage and start to trust in one another?

Second Wind is a very good story.  Communication and trust is the key to a solid relationship.  Rafe and Cathy had neither of these and to add to their problems, their jobs didn’t leave them with much one on one time.  Cathy did well by Rafe, and honestly she gave a whole lot more than she got from him.  Rafe wasn’t a bad person he just wasn’t on Cathy’s level, but opposites do attract and that was definitely demonstrated here.  What they lacked in other aspects of their marriage they compensated with the strong passion they had for each other.  They were hot together but need to work on life outside the bedroom.  Readers looking for a good breaking up and making up story, Second Wind is a great choice, and I enjoyed it very much.


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