Second Time Around by Jenna Byrnes


M/M, Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-906328-96-2

Reviewed by Raine



Returning home from a road-trip from a sports broadcasting job, Mike finds his wife in bed with her best friend Denise. Four months later, Mike is divorced and looking for a new beginning. It strikes him that the person to compliment him might be male and not female. He calls in a favor to a colleague and after a rough start at dating the same sex, Mike just might have found the perfect person for the second time around.

The Second Time Around is a lovely story about a man starting life over and open to the possibility he might find a better mate in a guy. Second Time Around is filled with passion and two hot men finding and loving one another. If you love a M/M story with a first-timer, love and a sweet ending you will absolutely adore Second Time Around.


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