Second Nature by Cameo Brown

Red Sage

Contemporary, Paranormal

Reviewed by Indy



An environmentalist at heart Claret could never sit by and watch the forest she loved be demolished by some earth plundering developer. Even if said developer causes her pulse to race and seems just as intent on having her body as he is the lands she loves. Graham Nortonís intense stare is just one of the things that call to her, and as she and a group of friends plot to stop his crew from doing any more damage. Claretís past and her connection to Graham will finally become clear as the magic of nature brings forth the truth.  

In a tale where nature and the magic of nature blends, Second Nature plays on the psyche of the reader and takes them to a whole new level. A level I have to be honest and say I didnít quite connect with. The thought of being one with nature didnít cause my pulse to flutter and at times I was a little lost. I think Cameo Brown came up with a unique plot but sometimes in the haste to come up with something different I believe authors need to also make sure readers will be able to connect with the actual story. A positive on the subplot was an earth friendly heroine who was trying in her own special way to make a difference, which I think we all can learn from. I plan on keeping an eye out for Cameo Brownís future works because anyone who is this creative will surely come up with a winning combination.


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