Seasons Of Love by Bonnie Dee

Liquid Silver Books

Historical/Contemporary Fantasy Anthology

ISBN 1-59578-212-5

Reviewed by Ley



“Maypole Dance” – Spring 1568

Disregarded by the women of his village Coll ventures off to the forest where he finds himself drawn to a woman unlike any he has ever known.  Astacia helped Coll develop and grow artistically and sexually and to Coll Astacia was everything he needed.  When spring comes will Coll be able to part with his sexually enticing and artistically inspiring spirit?

“Maypole Dance” is a unique romance.  Astacia helped Coll in so many ways.  She helped him to become more than he ever dreamed. Their romance was very sexual, both of them could not get enough of each other, but it also had a very romantic aura surrounding it.  “Maypole Dance” was a terrific start to this anthology.

“Amish Paradise” – Summer 1956

Rachael, a young Amish woman, wanted to know what it was like to live like other people.  Joe, her next-door neighbor was just the person to show her.  Joe and Rachael began seeing each other secretly and soon fell in love.  Joe wanted a future with Rachael, but Rachael knew what they had wouldn’t last.  Rachael’s fears are realized when the affair is found out and Rachael is forced to shut Joe out of her life.

“Amish Paradise” Is a sweet story.  I loved the dialogue. It filled my head with flashes of some of my favorite old time movies.  “Amish Paradise” was the perfect summer romance story.Rachael and Joe were an intriguing couple.

 “Crisp Apples” – Autumn – Present Day

Discovering that the boy who ruined her life fifteen years ago now owns the business next door to her coffee shop was a surefire way to ruin Kate’s day, and the realization that he doesn’t even remember her only makes matters worse.  Since Alex doesn’t remember her, Kate uses it as an opportunity to get revenge on him.  She plans to get Alex to fall for her and then break his heart, but the fatal flaw of the plan was she couldn’t stop herself for falling for him as well.

“Crisp Apples” was the fun story so far in this anthology.  Kate was, sweet, funny and very likable.  I liked Alex as well; I had a bit of a soft spot for him.  Kate’s big revenge plan totally backfires, which is lucky for her.  Connecticut and a diner filled with the smells of apples, cinnamon and love set a wonderful autumn tone for “Crisp Apples”

“A Lily for Christmas” – Winter 1915

The Carrington family was experiencing their first Christmas after their oldest son was killed in the war.  The sadness of the house was felt by everyone and especially by the younger son Jonathon who is home after being wounded in the war.  Lily the housemaid and onetime childhood companion of Jonathan’s sees his sadness and wants to help him believe that his surviving was worth something.

“A Lily for Christmas” is a beautiful story.  I felt it was the most romantic of the anthology.  The setting is Christmas time in wartime England where a beautiful housemaid gives selflessly of herself to the lord of the manor.  Lily truly wants to help Jonathan without wanting anything in return and Jonathan desperately needed to feel wanted.  “A Lily for Christmas” was a great wrap up for this anthology.

Seasons of Love is a fantastic display of romance at its best.  Bonnie Dee did a great job in giving various views of romance through different genres.  She displayed her versatile writing style by going from, fantasy to recent history, to contemporary finishing with a historical romance.  Some of them may not be romances that will be happily ever and forever after, but they all were happy for now stories.  I enjoyed each one of the stories in Seasons of Love, and I’m sure many others will too.


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