Scars by Jessica Freely

David and Jeff, book 3

Torquere Press

M/M Contemporary

Reviewed by Ley



Seth has changed Davidís life in the very short time they have known each other.  Seth makes David feel safe and the lonely life he was living before Seth is fulfilled.  But Davidís protected feelings are soon shattered when he learns there is an investigation surrounding the incident that brought Seth onto his life.  Now David has to find a way to protect Seth not only from the police, but also from the gang that is looking for revenge.  Most importantly he needs to keep Seth safe from himself and a past that may destroy their fragile relationship.

David and Seth have a fantastic story to tell and the intensity of it continues to build in Scars.  I really like this story, and the latest addition delves more into David and Sethís lives and the past that haunts Seth.  As much as Iím enjoying this story, I find having what could be a very good full-length novel or novella doled out chapter by chapter diminishes the emotional connection I feel toward the characters.  There is plenty more to be told about David and Seth and a story as engrossing and passionate, as theirs should be presented to the readers in a completed package.  With that said followers of this story will love Scars, and will definitely be left wanting more.


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