Saving Jenna by Violet Summers

Liquid Silver Books

Erotic Vampire/Shape Shifter

ISBN: 9781595785046

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Jenna Stone has spent her entire life under the thumb of her abusive father.  When she does not do what he wants, he beats her as well as her sister.  Her father is an evil man underneath his public persona.  Jenna has finally had enough and she and her sister hatch a plan of escape.  Jenna winds up in an alley where her father’s henchmen beat her within an inch of her life.  Rescue comes in the form of a vampire named Nic Alero. 

Nic Alero has despaired of ever finding his One – the mate chosen for him by fate. When he begins dreaming of a beautiful girl named Jenna he knows she is his woman; he just has to find her.  Find her he does and she needs him to survive.  What happens when Jenna regains consciousness? Will she know Nic is the lover from her dreams? If one thing is certain, no matter what, Nic’s first priority is Saving Jenna and he takes that very seriously.

Saving Jenna is a new genre for Violet Summers and I couldn’t be happier for this talented author.  Vampire Nic was sexy and loyal; he loved Jenna from afar in his dreams and while he despaired of finding her, she fell literally at his feet.  His emotional intensity at finding her hurt was off the wall smoldering hot and his territorial feelings for this brave woman brought tears to my eyes.  All in all, I couldn’t have asked for a better read.

Emotional, intense, intriguing, sensual…the list could go on and on.  Just know without a doubt that Saving Jenna will leave you breathless and wanting more.  Loose ends were left at the end of Saving Jenna and I can envision another really great read in the near future.  Violet Summers continues to amaze, entice, and tempt me with her work; I can’t get enough!



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