Sandwich Play by Brigit Zahara

Elloraís Cave

Paranormal, Menage a trois or More

ISBN: 9781419919169

Reviewed by Jo



Trisha MacAvie Sutton is just off her shift as a Police Officer and decides to hit a convenience store before heading home.  After all, there isnít much at home waiting for her since her husband died.  Walking down an aisle, Trisha sees the back of someone who reminds her of her high school days, but it couldnít be one of the two men she had a major crush for Ė could it?

Nazz Pisani and Pasquale Deluca, Italian cousins, were the star soccer players for their high school team and after the last big game they just seemed to disappear.   Everyone knows they were very sick right up until they made the game and helped win it.  That fateful night they really noticed Trisha, the shy cheerleader at the after-game celebration.

Nazz and Pasquale have been waiting for Trisha for a very long time and now just might be the time to let her know.  After a night of amazing sex, Trisha has even more questions about the cousins than before.  Nazz and Pasquale do have a lot to tell Trisha, but one thing might blow up all the dreams they have all been having.

Sandwich Play is a fun and very sexy meeting between a shy cheerleader who grew up much stronger and two very sexy men from her past.  Trisha canít believe when she comes face to face with both Nazz and Pasquale and really knows her dreams are coming true when the passion explodes between them that night.  Not everything is as it appears and I was right there with Trisha when she went hunting her twosome to get some very direct answers to her questions.  Sandwich Play is a smoking erotic story, with just a touch of something else, to heat up a cold winterís night.


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