Sandals and Sodomy by D.G. Parker, Dar Mavison, John Simpson, Remmy Duchene, Connie Bailey, Ariel Tachna

Dreamspinner Press


ISBN: 978-1-935192-01-5    

Reviewed by Raine



"Greeks Bearing Gifts" by D. G. Parker

Saved from rape and certain death, Antenor did not know what to think of his captor, Calchas. Traveling by ship, the men become trapped on an island after a mishap. In the time the men have they get to know one another, work together as a team and grow to have affection for one another. Something that might not be possible if anyone realizes Antenor is supposed to be Calchas’ slave.

In "Greeks Bearing Gifts" you get to know the characters in good detail and both are likable. The storyline fits the era and with a twist of fate you do get a happily-ever-after.


"Troy Cycle" by Dar Mavison

With a plot to end a war Paris is kidnapped by Achilles men. After being used sexually, he is sent back to his brother, who loves him. His brother Hector is outraged after Paris is returned home and more bargains and traitorous events take place.

Paris and Hector have the focus of Odysseus’ and Achilles’ attention in "Troy Cycle". There is a forced but sensual scene that is steamy. I couldn’t quite decide who the story was supposed to be focusing on. There just seemed to be a lot of characters introduced in the short time you get with them.


"Undefeated Love" by John Simpson

Alexandros and Agapitos decide to dedicate their lives to one another. In doing so they are invited into the Sacred Band of Thebes, which is quite an honor. The Band is made up of 150 like couples who love one another and fight well beside one another, working as one towards their goal.

Wonderful men placed in hard times fight to stay together. Alexandros and Agapitos are wonderful characters and it was a pleasure to read their story. "Undefeated Love" has a public voyeur scene that will raise the room temperature it is so steamy.


"Hadrian" by Remmy Duchene

Hadrian became Emperor in what he thinks of as a cruel joke by his cousin, Trajan.  Then, in a chance meeting in the bath house, Hadrian meets Antinous and his world, once dim, brightens.

"Hadrian" is hot man-love from start to finish and not all authors can pull off a chance meeting and make it believable. Remmy Duchene does just that. "Hadrian" is a man stuck politicking during the day and in private laving his attentions on his new found lover. It is hot and exciting; I loved Hadrian and I think you will also.


"After the Games" by Connie Bailey

Alaric, a prisoner of war, was held captive to earn money for his master by working in an amphitheatre. Gallus, his master, tried to push him into taking one of the slave whores but Alaric would have no part of it. In a commotion, Alaric rescues Valerius from the hands of the other slaves. What begins as an interesting relay of tales from Valerius’ life turns into much more than talk.

Valerius has a very persuasive way about him. And while Alaric is solid in mind he finds he is not immune to the young man's charm. "After the Games" has solid characters and an interesting storyline. I found myself wanting to know more about these men.  When I had reached the story’s conclusion, it was so good.


"The Vow” by Ariel Tachna

Having lost his lover and not wanting another partner, but bound by honor to recruit a new soldier in the name of Aphrodite, Adrastos begins his search. He tests three men for the position and in choosing one finds that perhaps his once broken heart can be mended.

"The Vow" is a great story about a set of men bonding and giving ultimate trust unto one another. I do not think there is a story Ariel Tachna has penned that I did not care for.  Ms. Tachna has a way with words and does not disappoint in "The Vow"

I found that I had a tough time reading and writing a review for this collection of stories Dreamspinner put together in Sandals and Sodomy. I enjoy man-love stories and while all of these fit that criterion I cannot say I enjoyed this anthology. As seen from the above individual story reviews I did enjoy some of the stories, however, I felt that the quality of the stories varied in Sandals and Sodomy.


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