Sanctuary by Fire by Hunter Raines

Heat Stroke: Multi Author Series

Changeling Press

Paranormal M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60521-032-2

Reviewed by Lisa



Vampire hunters have staked Vampire Lord Theodore ‘Theo’ Grantaire outside for the sun to burn him alive.  As Theo lies there feeling the agonizing rays, he dreams of the thrall Reed, who has been his lover for the past eight years.  No lover, mortal or vampire can compare to what Theo feels for Reed.  His only regret is that their time together will be over as he burns down to ashes.

Fast and fun, Sanctuary by Fire has not only hot, sizzling scenes but a tender moment or two as well.  Desires and wishes are the theme in a touching tale of love.  Sanctuary of Fire is sweet and hot with a twist I truly liked.


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