Samhain by Syd McGinley

Torquere Press

BDSM Erotic M/M

Reviewed by Emily



It is the Halloween holiday and Dr. John Fell has several of the subs at his cabin, each in need of a different kind of training.  Dexter is quiet, meek and serves acceptably, but he is mechanical, spiritless and it is obvious that something is missing in his life.  Charlie, affectionately known as twink, is overexcited as usual and needs some corrective time.  Laurie has yet again maxed out his owner’s credit card and needs some serious discipline.  Needless to say, Dr. Fell has his hands full.  He needs to find out what Dexter is hiding and what is at the root of Laurie’s challenging and spoiled behavior, all in time for everyone to enjoy Samhain.

Samhain is another exceptional addition to the Dr. Fell series.  I was fascinated at the very different approach that Dr. Fell must take with each of the boys, proving that he truly is an exceptional Dom.  Watching Dexter break out of his shell was wonderfully heartwarming and learning a bit more about the spoiled Laurie was quite interesting.  Twink is wonderful, as always, and the relationships he has with both his owner Ben and Dr. Fell are based on love and trust and are a joy to read.  My heart was breaking for Dr. Fell during several poignant moments of loneliness and farewell to his beloved boy Rob.  Overall, Samhain is a captivating read and a stunning glimpse into the world of BDSM


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